Posted on: January 17, 2011 5:59 pm

Bring in Singletary!!

The Eagles fire Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott, who has already been scooped up by the Carolina Panthers and Dallas has already brought in former Browns coordinator Rob Ryan. These are 2 great moves in my mind already, now it's the Eagles turn, get us Mike Singletary. The former 49ers coach whom specializes in defense and even more specifically linebackers, would be a great addition. Not to mention his style of play would be a great fit, not only for the Eagles organization, but the actual city of Philadelphia. The old-school, hard-nosed, bench you if you talk back mentality would be perfect for our seemingly nonchalant, easy-going defense. Come on Eagles make a good move.
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Posted on: January 13, 2011 2:09 pm

Eagles need a heart

I, along with every other person in the city of Philadelphia, am sick of seeing our birds make it all the way to the playoffs and lose. It's brutal! Obviously this was a rebuilding year and I didn't need to hear it from Andy Reid to figure it out but all the same, it's disappointing. Now to talk about what the Eagles need to complete this rebuilding process...we all know the obvious: 1)O-line 2)Linebackers 3)corners but I'll tell you what we really need, a monster. A full, throbbing, beating heart that gives his all every single play. I don't care if it's on offense like Andre Johnson who would rather play on bad ankles then sit out on a run play. But I'm sick of the organization getting rid of the soul of our team and not replacing them! I'm talking about the Trotters, Dawkins, Douglas!! Stop drafting rotational defensive players like Brandon Graham and draft me a stud.
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